OUR MISSIONFuture Providers’ mission is to support and create institutions providing, but not limited to, offering the services involved in educating, sheltering and nourishing youth in need. We are targeting grass root movements created within the scope of self-sufficient communities located in the United States and world wide.

About 80% of the world population lives in poverty, which means scarcity of basic life sustaining staples such as food, water and other necessities like clothing, shelter, or the need for health, safety and education.  Additionally, in our modern era, the ability to learn skills aimed at obtaining meaningful employment is a must, and must be supported.

Future Providers Foundation is eager to design poverty reduction programs and work in conjunction with national and international organizations. We believe that by promoting cooperation among different segments of the population, we will contribute to the acceleration of the eradication of poverty.

With special emphasis on school age children, the organization will assist poor communities here in our homeland and in other countries abroad in finding the resources to establish a wide variety of community projects. Among many child supporting concepts, we hold especially important to encourage educational foyers whereas children could be educated and motivated to return to their communities as future leaders and providers. In this way, the cycle of poverty and oppression would be turned around.

At first, we will target the children living in the poorest countries in this hemisphere, beginning with villagers in Haiti and Mexico. Furthermore, we will continue lending a hand to youngsters of other countries beyond our hemisphere as need will dictate when the time comes.

Our plan is structured as follows:

  1. Resources: our foundation will create part time jobs for youth to help in the restoration of the affected cities, building schools, orphanages, clinics, hospitals and communities.
  2. Education: we intend to unite efforts with public and private schools to provide supplemental education to the groups in need.
  3. Emotional and psychological support: we intend to establish centers with counselors and psychologists to help them overcome their traumas.
  4. Shelter: we are going to establish temporary or permanent shelters, according to every child’s need.
  5. Civism: we will create a base community willing to help not only immediately after any potential disaster, but also willing to support children in need until they reach their maximum potential. These future citizens in reaching their goal of attending higher learning institutions through the grants we will provide, will be trained to in-turn invest in themselves.

We have a unique approach that puts emphasis on self empowerment and the production of leaders for a more conscious and ecologically balanced environment. For that purpose we are using the latest studies in positive mental energies to propel a new breed of helpers.

Furthermore, emotional and spiritual education will drive a child toward becoming a responsible citizen willing to produce and give back to its community. Therefore, such children will become instrumental in accelerating the economic growth of their countries.

We intend to get funding from donors who are willing to help existing organizations in their growth. In giving educational opportunities to young leaders, in turn these youngsters will naturally feel the need to give back to their communities. By so doing, they will create a network of leaders forging a new level of economical strength worldwide. They will be responsible for creating new opportunities tailored to the needs of their communities, countries and the world.

If we could help one child per day, in approximately 15 years this child would become an aware citizen dynamically involved in the process of helping to reduce poverty in the world.